Documentary shot in Gambia during 2018. Its the story of Carme, an NGO worker who fight with Barcelona’s main site for the funding in order to help the children and their mothers to survive in one of the most hard and rough countries of the world.

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Vueling: volver a volar

Documentary shot during 2021 about how one of the main airlines of Spain, Vueling, explain their experiences during the COVID19 crisis, that affects the airlines the most and foremost. In the movie, we can see several Vueling co-workers explaining how the hybrid way of working home-office arrived to the company to stay.

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A short film made in the Cinema School of Barcelona (ECIB) where Katodic plays the role of filmmaker and help in the editing part.

The story of two young women who struggle to keep their relationship alive during difficult years.

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Top Employer

Top Employer is part of the Social Content developed for NTT DATA. In Katodic we like to keep the originality and the mix of different styles.

In Katodic we like to experiment with the possibilities of image, music and the editing.

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Sant Joan de Déu

Katodic was honored to produce, shot, edit and postproduce the Christmas video of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu.

In this piece we reunite the nurses and former patients in order to put their effort in the value they deserve.

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The corporate videos that NTT Data requires help a company as big as this one to show how many services they offer and how their professionals can develop such a multifaceted careers only available by really few. Katodic is there helping with the editing.

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